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Uniondale Termite Treatment Service

Let Doug’s Bugs Qualified Team of Exterminators generate a personalized treatment plan to protect your home in Uniondale from termite damage.

Who should you go to when you notice that you have termite infestation inside your home? The only real exterminator you need to call in in Uniondale is Doug’s Bugs. We have the knowledge to locate and stop these critters from entering your home. Let Doug’s Bugs team of termite professionals guard your home year round.

Finding termite damage inside or near home is terrifying for just about any homeowner. These critters will damage just about any home off its foundation. Termite damage has resulted in over $5 billion loss for homeowners in the U.S..

We realize that termites can damage a home. We have seen termites in Uniondale wiping out building foundations, wooden support beams, plastic plumbing pipes, sub-flooring, and insulation.

Within Uniondale, just be aware that you can phone Doug’s Bugs specialist team of exterminators for an immediate termite inspection. More than ten years, we have treated and inspected hundreds of properties for termite damage. We analyze your home for termite wood dust particles. You'll find these flakes of wood placed next to your baseboard, door jam, or in or outside the perimeter of your home. If you realize these small woodpiles around your home, call Doug’s Bugs today for a termite inspection or termite treatment.

You can count on us Doug’s Bugs for a detailed termite inspection in Uniondale. Regardless of whether you own a home or commercial property, we provide you with you with a detailed report for termite damage and infestation. We look for:

* Mud built for traveling above ground
* Damaged or a hollow sound
* Gaps in drywall / wall covering
* Evidence of termites along the foundation
* Piles of tiny wings caught in a spider web

Termite Treatment Strategies for Uniondale Homeowners:

* Be sure water drains away from your house.
* Don’t let water build up around your home’s foundation.
* Replace any damp or damaged wood externally your home.
* Don't keep wood waste in the yard for them to eat.

Our Uniondale Termite Treatment Specialist will set termite stations in the soil and round the perimeter of your home to protect you. Our termite stations won't pollute your water or runoff.

Termite Treatments Sold In the Uniondale area

Liquid Bait Stations

Some termite treatment may last about 5 years. Probably the most aggressive form of termite treatment we come across in Uniondale is liquid termite treatment. When compared with termite bait stations that need to be maintained annually. Although termite bait stations are outside of your house, it does not mean they can’t end up in your house. We suggest to our customers in Uniondale to have an annual termite inspection.

Termite Bait Station

When you are considering termite treatment, the most effective strategy is the installation of termite bait stations. These types of stations need to be maintained yearly and set-up through the entire perimeter of your home. Exactly why we favor this method is termites take the poison returning to its colony. Within a couple of weeks, the entire termite colony can be wiped out.

What Things Impact How Long Termite Treatments Last?

KindForm of Termite

Subterranean termites and drywood termites are the most common. Subterranean termites are living in the soil around houses and build tunnel systems to reach their food source, wood. Drywood termites, on the other hand, tunnel within your wood and eat right through it.

Degree of Infestation

We realize seeing or perhaps knowing that you have termites is very alarming. At Doug’s Bugs, we know what to do to protect your home. The experience and training we have in managing termite issues are sufficient to get the task finished right. For immediate response in the Uniondale area, phone our termite treatment service experts right away.

Home Prevention Strategies for Termites

Through your termite inspection, we inspect all aspects of your home that make you at risk of termite damage. We inspect the following spots:

* We might suggest that water drains be sloped away from your house.
* We inspect the foundation area of your home for moisture and wood rot.
* We'll suggest for you to change damaged and rotted wood.
* Never keep wood waste in the backyard for termites to eat.

Call 516 328-0850 or fill out our online form for the fastest termite inspection and termite treatment. Allow your termite problem to become Doug's Bugs worry!

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