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Doug's Bugs is a family owned business and stands out among the top rodent exterminator and rodent control services through the city of Massapequa, NY. Our professional rodent exterminators within Massapequa are certain to get to the main source of your rodent infestation issue and provide the best solution that will keep the rodents far away from your property.

While you look for a rodent exterminator services within the Massapequa area, you will see that these types of rodent exterminators continue to use poisoned baits as a technique of handling rats, mice, birds, squirrels along with other outdoor pests. When you use Doug's Bugs, you can safely recognize that we work together with local wildlife service pros in the Massapequa area to safely get rid of your rodent issue.

With most of our clients in Massapequa, wildlife service professionals aren't referred to when getting rid of rats or mice. Only at Doug's Bugs, we certainly have the experience and training to remove unwanted rodents from your home with small amount work. For those who have a rodent concern in Massapequa, we're the rodent exterminator to phone. Aside from the experience you can expect, we can easily assist you with any rodent concern you have without having to be locked into an annual contract.

Professional Rodent Exterminator Massapequa

If you have a mice or rat infestation within your home or office in Massapequa, you need to call the professional rodent exterminator exterminators at Doug's Bugs. Our company is on call for rodent exterminator emergency services, 24 hours emergency service, 7 days a week.

Most clients premises we handle for rodent exterminator in Massapequa don't realize that mice and rats can squeeze through pretty much any tiny hole. If you think that you have a rodent problem, look for a oblong shaped black droppings close to your baseboard or wherever you keep food (cabinets, closets, or pantry area). What's scary about this, these types of rodents transmit bacteria and diseases just as fast just like any mosquito.

Here is Why You Want to Hire Doug's Bugs In Massapequa

With experience and training in rodent extermination, it may be best to hire Doug's Bugs because of this issue:

Exceptional Customer Support- If you intend on hiring a rodent exterminator in the Massapequa area, we will provide you with the peace of mind you want.
Prompt 24-Hour Service- Time is vital. Doug's Bugs is only a phone call away in Massapequa 24 / 7.
Zero Free Quote - As soon as you place a call, our techs of rodent exterminator are going to be onsite to offer you a free of charge estimate with virtually no contract obligaton.
Budget-Friendly- Doug's Bugs provides top quality rodent exterminator control services at reasonable prices with confidence to exterminate your rats or mice problems safely and quickly.

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We strongly recommend having a rodent inspection plan in place for:

Massapequa Residential Property Owners
Hotels and hospitality outlets
Massapequa Restaurants
Retail stores
Healthcare institutions
Educational institutions
Food processing plants

Rodent Inspection & Control

When you really need to get a detailed and precise rodent inspection report performed on your office or home, you should hire Doug's Bugs. Our warranty is 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! Our skilled rodent exterminator exterminators will provide you with a detailed assessment of your residence and make up a strategy to remove these unwelcome pests from your property safely, according to New York State and Massapequa pest management stringent guidelines. As a factor of our rodent exterminator's plan, we even go as much as removing fecal matter and urine from your property to stop toxic amounts of bacterias. You can rely on us with a follow-up call and visit.

Rodent Plan & Prevention Tips:

Install door openings to effectively keep pests from looking to get into your facility

Look at and clean drains. Nasty food particles in wet places attract unwanted pests. Make certain drains are carefully cleaned on a regular basis
Make certain that garbage and recycling containers are purged frequently and have self closing and tight fitting lids to help keep rodents and other wildlife away
Inspect roofs for possible pest infestations and to fix any possible rodent entry points including skylight and deteriorated gutters
Manage moisture properly
We spray foam all holes outside your home to prevent these critters from entering your property.

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Are you currently seeking to get rid of rats and mice from your house? Are you frustrated by Massapequa Exterminators that do not deliver on their promise? Or even tired of rodent exterminator services in Massapequa that do not fulfill on their own promise? You can select to get the services of an business leader at Doug's Bugs. Phone 516 328-0850 or fill in our online form for fastest rodent exterminating response. Let your rodent trouble become Doug's Bugs burden.

Types of Mice that Occupy Your Property In Massapequa, NY

1. Norway/ Sewer Rats

Norway rats are big and have aggressive behaviors to animals, humans, and themselves. After they enter a building, sewer rats can often be found in the basement. These rats are known for causing damage by eating or peeing on kept food and nibbling on materials. Also, Norway rats are well-known for eating on wires hence increasing chances of fires, plus they have dangerous diseases.

If you have Norway or Sewer Rat infestation in Massapequa, phone our staff of professionals for a quick cost-free rodent exterminator estimate !

2. Roof Rats

Roof rats are exceptional at scaling. They typically live above the ground in areas for instance roofs, under floors, ceilings, boxes, or in sheds. In spite of poor eyesight and being color blind, roof rats have excellent senses of smell, hearing, taste, and touch.

Rats have up to six litters a year with almost twelve babies each. These species get pregnant for about 20 days each and may start reproducing when they are three months old.

Have you been finding Roof Rats around your house in Massapequa? Schedule an appointment with our certified exterminators for a quick free written rodent exterminator estimate!

3. House Mice

House mice are the most common rodent pest in the world. Females can reproduce up to a dozen babies every three weeks, amounting to over 150 babies annually.

Rodent Protection

Empty household and kitchen cans frequently.
Close-up small cracks and holes that could let them in
Mice feed frequently. As a result, keep your home or office neat and food shut.
Be sure that your home and storage locations are clean and dry.
Be sure to clean your garden sheds, garbage cans, and crawlspaces frequently.

Phone 516 328-0850 or fill in our online form for best rodent exterminator response. Let your rodent problem become Doug's Bugs issue!

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