Pest Control Exterminator Service

Serving Long Island, Southern Connecticut and the NYC area

rodent removalOur mission is to ensure that your home in the New York and Connecticut area or the surrounding area is protected with proper pest control. We offer effective and responsible protection to make sure that your family, as well as your home, stay safe.

While eliminating the pests from your property, our strongest priority is your safety and that is why our exterminators avoid using harsh chemicals that will eliminate pests but hurt your family in the process. Instead, we offer a variety of progressive solutions for pest control that are able to not only eliminate the pests from your home but do so in a way that improves your quality of life as well as that of our employees and our community.

Ongoing Pest Control Services.

Our ongoing services are designed to be done regularly, but we are able to begin controlling the pests in your area after the very first visit. This first ongoing pest control service is designed to stop the insects’ life cycle which in turn prevents future invasions from occurring. After this first service, the pests should remain at controllable levels, as long as you keep up with your ongoing services. The important thing to remember, however, is that the first of the re ongoing services will be the most effective if it occurs at the right time, 30 days after the initial pest control.

Professional Exterminators

Serving Long Island, Southern Conneticutt and NYC area – Licensed in all of NY & CT


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