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Commercial Exterminator Long Island & NYC area


At Doug’s Bugs, we understand the value of maintaining a bug-free environment. The sight of bugs by customers can hurt the reputation of your business and affect your bottom line. Moreover, bugs can pose health risks to customers and employees. Regardless of whether you run a restaurant, warehouse, retail store, or school, you cannot afford to have bugs or rodents hurting your business. Our job is to make sure your business is 100% pest-free. A commercial exterminator in Long Island you can trust.

We are certified to service:

Residential Properties
Food Processing Facilities
NYC Restaurants
NYC Hotels
Health Care Facilities
State-Owned Facilities
Retail Stores
Commercial Buildings
Property Management
Warehouse Facilities
Any other type of Industrial Facility


Merely applying toxic chemicals to get rid of recurring bugs or rodents is not useful because it does not get rid of the problem. Our approach is so effective that we guarantee it with a 30-day warranty. Our approach at Doug’s Bugs is quite simple; we assess and treat the area on a monthly basis to combat any future problems within your establishment.

1. We place multiple stations throughout the area of your establishment. This prevents you from having a full-blown outbreak.
2. We use chemicals to combat them and the source of their food supply in your place of business.
3. We perform comprehensive follow-up inspections and treatments on a monthly basis.

Every business is different and deals with several challenges when it comes to bug control. We suggest you familiarize yourself with your location to prevent any future pest infestation outbreaks within your business.

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