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We have a proven record of accomplishment when it comes to getting rid of nasty pests. We offer numerous treatment plans that best suit your needs based on the location of your property, frequency of services needed, seasonal problems such as ants, spiders, termites, roaches, water bugs, and rodents.

Pest Inspection

Let Doug’s Home Inspection Services ensure that your buying, selling or warranty inspection is done thoroughly, top to bottom.

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Let Doug’s Home Eliminate Pests from your home, office, restaurant or investment property today at an affordable rate.


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Ants are among the most difficult to control pest that commonly invade properties.

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Destruction by termites costs homeowners millions of dollars each year

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Wherever there is water, there might be a cockroach crawling around.

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Rats and mice carry bacteria and diseases that threaten your well-being.

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"Fantastic service. Doug was prompt, courteous, and helpful. He arrived on time, explained how he was going to treat the house, and promised to return if there were any problems. If only every business still treated its customers this way...... P.S. If you are a landlord, take note – Doug’s Bugs is very understanding of how to work with landlords and tenants."

Quality Service

pest inspection
Pest Inspection

Let Doug’s Home Inspection Services ensure that you’re buying, selling or warranty inspectio...

commercial services
Commercial Services

Safeguard your business with Doug’s Bugs. We understand the value of maintaining a bug...

home bug inspection
Residential Services

Doug’s Bugs provides over 10 years of experience in professional pest elimination and exterm...

rodent removal
Rodent Removal

Are you finding mice and rat feces in your home? In the event you do, call the certified ext...