Rodent Removal

Do you have rats or mice living inside the walls of your home or business?

Are you finding mice and rat feces in your home? In the event you do, call the certified exterminators at Doug’s Bugs today for fast removal!

We all know that rats and mice carry bacteria and dieses that threaten are well-being, especially if they are living in the walls, attic or basement of our home or business.

How to Get Rid of Rodents from Your Home

At Doug’s Bugs, we work diligently with homeowners and businesses to safeguard against rats and mice 24/7. We assure you only the best in customer service at Doug’s Bugs. Our NY Certified Exterminators are anxiously waiting to take your call and assist you with your rodent problems. We offer you same day service at affordable rates.

We are New York Certified & Licensed to service:

Residential Properties
Food Processing Facilities
NYC Restaurants
NYC Hotels
Health Care Facilities
State-Owned Facilities
Retail Stores
Commercial Buildings
Property Management
Warehouse Facilities
Any other type of Industrial Facility

What are you waiting for? Call Us NOW!

Are you sick and tired of having rats and mice invade your property?
Are you tired of hiring exterminators’ that claim to be the best in their field?
Are you frustrated of Pest control companies that don't deliver what they promise?

No need to look further

It's time to stop searching and just contact us and we will provide you with the most reliable and effective pest control service.

Doug's Bugs Exterminators will deliver what we promise. Absolutely 100 percent customer satisfaction guaranteed.

It's time for pest control, once and for all!

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There’s no strings attached and no obligation so why not give them a try. You have nothing to lose.

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