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Destruction by termites costs homeowners millions of dollars each year in extermination and repair costs, and homeowners who hope they can save money by eradicating the problem themselves will find that it is mostly a useless undertaking. We have your back with Termite Inspection & Treatment in Long Island.

Get rid of termites might take some work but it will be worth it to allay further damage to your home. Newly built homes are mostly constructed with materials that naturally repel termites. Even with newer construction, it is wise to err on the side of caution by having an annual termite inspection of your home. Licensed termite specialists are the most adept at this since they are trained professionals. A specialist will be knowledgeable about the types of species that are invading your premises and they will know the best course of action for ridding the problem.

termite inspection and treatment

A primary reason for hiring a specialist is so they can identify any of the several species of termites that exist and are causing the infestation. Some species are indigenous to certain regions of the United States, and thus, treatment might be based on these factors. A combination of methods might be employed, including, treating infected areas with a chemical application and adding soil blocks around the dwelling to eliminate a return of the problem.

Once the termite problem is under control homeowners should check for recurrences between professional inspections. They can easily learn what to look for by consulting with the technician during the initial visit. Termites love to breed in humid and hot areas so taking stock of your yard maintenance should be your primary concern. Items in your yard should be termite resistant, including garages, decks and children’s playground equipment. Of equal concern should be your concrete and stone structures. This could benefit from water resistant sealant treatments to reduce termite infestations.

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Don’t let wood heaps or flowerbeds accumulate next to your home. These are breeding grounds for termites and if left next to your home, these pesky creatures will find a way to invade it. Since termites are able to get into a home, virtually, unnoticed, it is a good idea to decide on your course of action before you need one. Some homeowners are against using chemicals in the home and might opt for more natural remedies to keep termites at bay. Orange peels are natural termite repellants and many homeowners rely on Orange oil to keep them away.

When it comes to really big jobs, however, chemical application under foundations, cracks and crevices in and around the home, might be necessary to rid the problem. Ask your termite specialist if there are options to using a chemical application. If chemical application is required, the technician will address the homeowners’ concerns about the process and the procedures to follow to ensure the safety and security of your family.

Homeowners need to remain vigilant in their quest to keep these pests at bay. The cost of eradicating this destructive pest in no way compares to the astronomical price you would have in irreparable damages to your home. Termite treatments might be a little costly but for many homeowners the price is worth their peace of mind and assurances they will be able to enjoy their homes in the years to come.

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