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If you have discovered a bee hive in the walls of your home, inside your roof or in another structure in your home, the best remedy is to hire a professional bee removal company to perform a bee removal in Long Island, NY This process will completely eliminate the hive and get rid of the honeycomb to eliminate the risk of the bees returning.

We Keep Them From Coming Back

Bee removal in Long Island, NY is an essential part of a successful project to remove bees. When the hive is removed by the removal process or from extermination, the threat of the bees returning is still possible. If any of the abandoned honeycomb is left inside the walls, around the roof or in other areas of the home, the bee problem can continue. For several years, bees can smell the honeycomb and will continue to try establishing a new hive there.

Why A Proper Removal Is So Important

Additionally, pests such as wax moths, rats, ants and other pests enjoy eating the honey and wax left in the abandoned honeycomb. If you leave the abandoned honeycomb inside any structure after the removal process, these and other pests are sure to come around looking for something to eat.

Bees can quickly build up as much as 30 pounds of honeycomb inside of your home depending on how long they have worked on their colony. The longer they have been in the hive, the more honeycomb you will find. Not only can the honeycomb attract pests, but it can melt on hot days and drip into your ceiling, walls and other parts of your home. This can actually damage some of your homes structure.

For all of these reasons, a professional bee removal service should remove the honeycomb the same day as treatment. This will prevent further damage to the home.

During the removal and repair process, the technician finds the location of the honeycomb. They might have to remove some roofing tiles or cut a hole in the wall to find the exact location of the honeycomb. After the honeycomb is found and removed, proper repairs and complete seal of exterior bee entrances will eliminate the threat of future bee problems.