Got Bed Bugs?

Bed Bug Control, Extermination, New York

Bed Bug removal at Doug’s Bugs is taken seriously before a full-blown infestation occurs within your home. We realize that inspection is the most precise way to verify a bed bug infestation. Doug’s Bugs inspectors’ are qualified in several insect detections and are trained and evaluated annually to ensure accuracy.

Early Identification

Eggs are white and only 1mm long.
Premature bugs are pale colored and relatively translucent.
Adults are roughly ¼" in length and reddish colored.
Females bedbugs can lay 3 - 8 eggs per day.
Eggs hatch after 6 - 10 days.

Bed bugs are generally non-active while eating and can be located in their hiding places.

Bed bugs are very resilient and may survive up to a year without a food.

Bed bugs choose to hide in close proximity to where they feed, such as beds, but have been documented to travel 100-150 feet to acquire a meal of blood, so it is unlikely to reduce an infestation by leaving an area unoccupied.

Even though they don't have nests, bed bugs accumulate in places that can be designated by dark spotting and staining of dried waste. Eggs, shells, brownish skins of the bugs themselves will be found.

Treatment plans

Void area treatment.
Residual and contact applications.
Includes re-inspection to certify bed bug eradication.
30-day warranty.

Contact us or phone us at 516-328-0850 to ask about our services.

What to look for

There are signs to look for if you suspect you have bed bugs in Long Island and the five boroughs. If you notice a sudden rash appearing on your legs or arms that keeps getting worse, you may have bed bugs. You can also pull back the sheets of your bed and look for tiny black "seed-like" remnants they leave behind. There might also be tracks of reddish coloring along the seams of your mattress or box springs.

If you have any of these signs, don't be embarrassed. It happens to the best of homes. Don't put off having our inspectors come to your home, as the problem will not go away, and it will only get worse if left unmanaged. The chances of you transporting bed begs in Long Island and the five boroughs are great, as they will attach themselves to scarves, sweaters, coats, socks, and any article of clothing you wear.

The cleanest homes can become infested with these pests by those who travel on a routine basis, and by those who routinely stay in hotels. They can also be brought into your home if you have frequent guests that could potentially transport them on their clothing.

We will work out a cost-effective plan to help you to get rid of bed bugs in Long Island and the five boroughs. Our inspectors will educate you on how to prevent bringing them back into your home in the future. If you have bed bugs, take heart: help is only a phone call away with Doug's Bugs.

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